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AltaGreen – Digital Marketing Specialist

AltaGreen is a privately-held company based in Edmonton, Alberta. AltaGreen is the parent company of three subsidiaries: AG Hemp Distributors, BioSelect and Radiate Hemp Co.

AltaGreen, and its subsidiaries, is developing infrastructure to support hemp growth, processing and product development for health and wellness for humans and animals. These products contain no CBD and no THC. Hemp has been grown and used for various purposes for thousands of years and is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth.

Visit our website at alta-green.com

Main responsibilities

  • Create organic social media calendar, and create posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Engage daily with audiences on social platforms. Posting stories and responding to comments.
  • Understand how to deal with individual questions or comments by taking them offline as appropriate.
  • Engaging with, and attract, other accounts who may or may not be engaging with us
  • Conduct market research on potential new customers for Radiate Hemp Co.
  • Conduct research on influencers in pet, equine and human supplement sectors.
  • Creating a robust list of hashtags for each product/seller
  • Create tags for stores/locations
  • Create paid digital campaigns in search, display and pre roll.
  • Produce monthly analytics reports on social accounts and the website.
  • Provide recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Other related duties as assigned

Education and Experience

  • Post-secondary diploma, degree or certificate in a recognized digital media marketing program.
  • Solid understanding of the four main platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), and experience in creating organic content for each platform.
  • Demonstrated skills to deliver on all responsibilities.
  • Excellent English writing skills required. Fluency in other languages is an asset.
  • Working knowledge of PhotoShop is an asset.
  • Can include school assignments, volunteer roles or other.

Interested candidates should apply in writing to deanh@radiatehempco.com by May 31, 2021.

The Power of Hemp (a three-part series)

Part 3 – Equine E—-

If you haven’t read part one and two, you can catch up here.

If you are caught up, you know that in part two we talked about the benefits of hemp seed oil to people and companion animals, like cats and dogs. Another important animal in the conversation is horses – they are large beautiful creatures and they can benefit greatly from the addition of hemp seed oil into their diet.

For young horses, performance horses, and anything in between, hemp seed oil can provide huge benefits for horse health.

Hard working horses have enormous requirements for energy and plant-based oils, like hemp seed oil, are a great substitute energy source as they contain as much as three times the energy content relative to grains. This means that by adding hemp seed oil to your horse’s feed, you can reduce the size of their feed while still maintaining a similar calorie intake.

Hemp seed oil is not considered a “Hot Food” for horses, in other words, does not cause “hyper”, “fizzy” or “hot” horses that may occur as a result of feeding oats, corn, barley, alfalfa, and molasses. Grains contain starch and sugar that may result in large fluctuations in blood sugar and result in mood or behavior changes.

Here are some other great things that come with hemp seed oil:

-Provides a great source of essential fatty acids and Omegas 3, 6, and 9 which contribute to a healthy heart, better digestion, and increased immune function

-Helps to maintain a healthy weight

-Increased energy

-Increased mobility and muscle health

-Skin and coat conditioning

If you want to provide your horse with the best, hemp seed oil is a great nutritional supplement to add to their diet!

The Power of Hemp (a three-part series)

Part 2 – What is Hemp Seed Oil? Should I be taking it/using it?

If you haven’t read part one of this series – What is Hemp? You can catch up here.

Now onto Hemp Seed Oil.

Hemp Seed Oil comes from the seeds of the industrial hemp plant. The Canadian government specifies that in order “for hemp-seed oil to be exempt from the Cannabis Act, it can’t contain more than 10 parts per million of THC” (Tetrahydrocannabinol) – or the psychoactive component that gets you high.

Hemp seed oil has plenty of benefits for people and animals, both internally and externally. Hemp seed oil is extremely high in antioxidants and Omegas 3 and 6 – which are essential for improving the immune system and promoting a healthy heart.

Hemp seed oil can also improve brain function! Omegas 3 and 6 are known for improving memory and helping to prevent age-related function decline.

Hemp seed oil has also been known to provide benefits in the following areas:

  • Improving hormone balance for women. Studies have shown that gamma-linoleic acid (found in Hemp Seed Oil) can help to reduce the symptoms caused by PMS and even menopause.
  • Pain relief – along with reducing general inflammation in the body, hemp seed oil may help ease pain in muscles or joints after a workout.
  • Enhancing digestive health, improving blood circulation, preventing Diabetes, and more!

Hemp seed oil also benefits animals. It provides the same general benefits such as improving heart health, immune function, and muscle health, but it also improves their mobility, provides skin and coat conditioning, and helps with weight management.

It has a natural grass-like taste but if that’s not your thing, you can try chasing it with juice or even blending it into a smoothie.

beautiful woman doing high five her adorable golden retriever dog at home. love for animals concept. lifestyle indoors

Information about Hemp in Canada and the laws and regulations around it can be found here.

The Power of Hemp (a three-part series)

Part 1 – What is Hemp? What is it not?

Welcome to the world of hemp! But before we talk about anything that hemp can do, it is important that we establish the most basic question:  What is hemp? And along with that: What is it not?

Hemp is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant, which can be separated into male and female plants. These plants have many purposes and can be used for countless things from fiber, protein, oils, and smokable portions.

So, is hemp marijuana and is marijuana hemp?  Let’s talk about the name identifiers: Industrial Hemp and Marijuana Cannabis. They are created from the same plant, but the genetics of the industrial hemp may only have a trace of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the cannabinoid in marijuana that gets you high, so marijuana cannabis has the THC, Industrial Hemp has only a trace. The industrial hemp plant on its own can contain Cannabidiol (CBD) in the flower only, not the seed or the stock.  

Industrial Hemp can be used to create tons of products that have little to no THC (<0.3%) so they will not have any psychoactive properties. The list of products is essentially endless, everything from paper, clothing, textiles, animal feed, plastic, cosmetic uses, and hemp-based food products like seeds, milk, protein powder, and oil. Industrial Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, which is why it is considered to be one of the most sustainable resources.

Overall, Industrial hemp is a sustainable resource that is grown naturally all over the world. It contains no THC and is simply used to create products in almost every category.

Information about Hemp in Canada and the laws and regulations around it can be found here.